Визуализация Primorskiy


Primorskiy is a modern hotel project that is designed to meet high needs in terms of the level and quality of life.

Total area of the complex

8 326,06 м2

Total area of the apartments

4 153,49 м2

Number of apartments

138 шт



The hotel is a 10-storey building. Commercial and office premises will be located on the first floors, from the 3rd to the 8th - the rooms of “standard” and “comfort” levels, and on the high ones there will be VIP-class apartments and a restaurant with a terrace, where you can enjoy the surrounding views. And also for the convenience of living, there is an underground parking for 55 cars.

The exterior is made with the latest trends in construction, so that the complex has an original architectural appearance. The facade is dominated by strict, clear lines, and the presence of open balconies and panoramic windows provides lightness for the building.