Визуализация Be the One

Be the One

Be the One is a multifunctional complex with hotel-type apartments, business-center of class "А", educational center and own infrastructure.

Total area of the complex

30 926,88 м2

Total area of the apartments

10 803,05 м2

Number of apartments




Conception of complex based on principle" Live where you work, work where you live". Be The One is twosectional building, the design of exterior of that is combined in itself by the synthesis of functional and aesthetic ideas. The facade of complex by sight is divided into two modules, that corresponds to structural logic of conception - a complex consists of residential and office sections.

The glazed exterior allows accentual to distinguish non-residential part, and the use of smooth lines and geometrical forms gives the sections of the building an artistic unity. A feature of complex is a variety of non-standard planning solutions and choice of area in the residential part - from the mini- apartments intended for business, to the spacious apartments with terraces for your own living.