Визуализация Praga 2

Praga 2

Praga 2 is a complex in which we have to created an accessible living space and, at the same time, as convenient as possible, meeting the standarts of our time.

Total area of the complex

10 099,17 м2

Total area of the apartments

6 720,96 м2

Number of apartments




The house is a four-story building of 5 sections. The facades are made of brick tiles and a wet facade with jointing. The color scheme was held in coffee - gray tones, and the panoramic windows will be installed with black transoms. The architects took care not only about the architecture, but also about the safety and comfort of future tenants.

The territory of the complex will be private and with video surveillance; on the ground floor there will be: a beauty salon, a pharmacy, a coffee shop, a grocery store. The yard is equipped with a playground for children and recreation areas for adults. Well, the “cherry on the cake” is an underground parking and additional storage places.