Визуализация Henesi House

Henesi House

The Henesi House is gracefully located in the heart of the city - Shevchenko district – in 18/16 Nagornaya Street. Kyiv city began from here. Nowadays, there is also business and cultural life in a full swing.

Total area of the complex

23 414 м2

Total area of the apartments

15 800 м2

Number of apartments




To achieve the unique look of the building, various materials were used in the decoration of the facades: cladding panels, ceramic-granite tiles and decorative plaster. Thanks to this ensemble, the complex has majestic and aristocratic look.

A spacious entrance group with Wi-Fi zone, children's corner, stroller and underground parking are provided in the Henesi House. The territory of the complex is closed and has video monitoring around the perimeter, which will ensure complete security.